So, I just woke up (1:15pm) which should tell u a little bit about the night I had… and I just want to make this abundantly clear! To ALL of you folks that work hard ALL week and are looking at that clock on Friday to ring in the weekend… if your looking to be entertained and have not a good night but, a GREAT night? Look no further than a band that calls themselves Darik and The Funbags!
Yes we are friends.. and YES we are dinosaurs (as Darik calls he and I) but, TRULY and HONESTLY I sat and watched how talented EVERY member is.. and how tight as a band they are… that ALONE should be enough… but, they don’t stop there… they’re funny, they play such a variety of songs that can appease young and old… they climb up on the bar, get on shoulders and even put a mic on the center of the floor for ANYONE to go up and sing!
People… As many of you know… I NEVER get out to see other bands because we are ALWAYS playing. (Thank You Paul Pedro for going to Iceland)… I drove home not impressed by the Funbags.. but, BLOWN AWAY!!! Literally, from all things FUN is what Darik Pearson and the boys are all about! Matt Chirsky is a BEAST on Drums… Steve Chams has more talent in his pinky then anyone this side of THE Mississippi (always wanted to spell that)… and Mr. Rock Starr (Freddy) just completes EVERYTHING… what an awesome guitar player… while Vinny lays down MAD raps and gets EVERYONE singing!!
I said it once and I’ll say it thirty more times.. if ANYONE wants to have a GREAT night out… go see Darik and The Funbags!!!
Oh and let’s not forget one of the BEST venues in the state.. HELL, the Tri-State area… The Shamrock in Waterbury… most venues can just have a stage… Michael Shamrock Pronovost goes above and beyond to make sure his clientele has a great experience! Top quality sound equipment, to the amazing light show and kick ass sound engineers!
Look I know it sounds like I’m licking ass right now… but, take a look at my past post’s over the last 7 years! I do NOT do this… (ever)
So again… thank you Mike Shamrock and THANK YOU Funbags!!!
(Side note) to all those peeps that argue about paying a cover charge… We here in the “Cover Industry” (most) work hard to insure you guys are entertained… when I arrived it was so late that they stopped charging! By the end of the night I found the owner and paid my $10 PROUDLY!
Anyway, not looking for bouquets for myself, just saying SUPPORT live music! Anyone can just press a button (hit play) we “Dinosaurs” work really hard and LOVE performing for you! (Mic drop)

Randal (Randy) Buttner – The ZOO
NOV 2016



We could not be happier with Darik and the Funbags as our wedding band! They truly made our wedding amazing by putting on a great show and getting everyone dancing and energized.  Their energy was contagious and they made our wedding so much fun! Not only are they fun and know how to get people on the dance floor, but they are SO talented! We got so much positive feedback from our guests about the band, everyone loved them. Darik and the Funbags were also so great to work with in terms of preparing for the wedding- they always emailed right back when we had any question and were true professionals. We are confident that we picked the very best band for our wedding. Thanks, Darik and the Funbags! We can’t wait to come to a show soon!

Jeanine and Robert Lambrecht
July 2016


My husband and a lot of his friends were are very familiar with the band. I had not ever been to any concerts but had heard good things from others. When I told my maid of honor that we were considering hiring them she said “oh my gosh don’t even look at anyone else, they are the best and are so much fun, your guests will love them at your wedding!” We went to a concert they were having at a local bar and both Vinny and Darik went out of there way to say hi and see if we needed anything and the music they played was awesome. Needless to say we did hire them!

Being a bride I knew exactly what I wanted. I reached out to Vinny and said, “I want them in business casual attire and I don’t want any drinking on stage and I want them to keep the swearing to a minimal”. They were very understanding and did exactly what I asked.

During the planning process Vinny reached out to check in frequently and whenever I would reach out he would respond back promptly which I appreciated.  The day of the wedding they were setup and ready to play exactly at the requested time and jammed out until the very end! The array of music they played and the involvement they had with my guests in the crowd was awesome. My husband and I even got to dance on the FUN boxes (which are some of my favorite photos needless to say 🙂

Thank you to the whole band for making our wedding a night we will never forget!!!

Rebecca and Richard Poggi
June 2016


Darik and the Funbags!

Our best decision on our wedding day was marrying each other…our second best decision was hiring Darik and the Funbags as our band!! Scott and I woke up the day after our wedding and said, that was not only the best day of our lives but by far the funnest day of our lives. The band had EVERYONE and that means over 200 people on our dance floor for 2 plus hours!! They shortened their break and got right back out there rocking the night away. The band learned our first dance song “I’ll Be” which was SUCH a treat for us! They were gracious enough to allow our family and friends to step in and play/sing our father/daughter dance, “You’ll be in my heart”. My 89 year old grandmother danced the night away, people in our families who we’d never seen dance were jamming on the dance floor!

The band was flexible, with our timing because if you know us…especially me, we are always late. They were extremely responsive to our inquiries and kept things super straightforward and low key for us leading up to and on the day. There wasn’t a moment or circumstance they stressed me out…and as the Bride I will say, contrary to my expectations, many of our vendors stressed me out, leading up to or even on the day. The band was professional and also still brought their own flare to the event.

We loved that Darik and the Funbags paid attention to the crowd and played to them, changing things up based upon how song choices were received. It was a first for us to see a band bring props but our guests loved it! We saw guests from our wedding over the Holidays (3 months later) who were still raving about how much fun they had at our wedding and how fantastic the Funbags were! Scott and I didn’t have to worry AT ALL about our band which was fantastic. We loved the music, we LOVED the energy and couldn’t be more confident when we say that after deciding to say “I Do’ hiring the Funbags to rock our day was the best decision we could have made! We couldn’t have found a more incredible band to play at our wedding!! You won’t go wrong if you pick these guys, better yet it will be one of your best decisions of all!

Kelley & Scott Wilson #wottywedding
September 2015


“When John and I began planning our wedding there were a few MUSTS… Great Food, Friends and, of course, Music! Playing our wedding was no easy task; the Funbags had to make quite a road trip, take two ferries and stay overnight to play our venue. For which we are extremely grateful! They worked with us every step of the way and delivered on all the details and special requests. They really catered to our needs and listened to what was important to us, making our day stress-free and how we envisioned it. We could not have asked for a more lively, fun, musically talented and overall amazingly entertaining group of guys!

We Can’t Thank You Enough!”

John and Michele
The Pridwin Hotel & Beach Cottages
Shelter Island, New York
June 28, 2014


“If you’re looking for a good wedding band, you should keep searching…if you looking for an EXCEPTIONAL band to make your wedding a party beyond any expectation you could ever muster, stop here and look no further.  Darik and the Funbags blew us and all our guests away.  When they started playing after dinner I look at the room.  People were a bit confused and had a look like, is this really happening?  Within 5 minutes everyone was on the dance floor where they all stayed for the next 3 hours.  My wife and I wanted a party and Darik and the Funbags delivered amazingly.

Steven Y
July 2015

“This is long overdue but we just wanted to tell you how amazing you were at our wedding!  Everyone loved you guys and we’re still hearing how you were the best wedding band ever!  And also how some of our friends would love to have you at their weddings down the road :I saw some testimonials on your website – we’d love to write a raving review for you guys!

Hope you’re having a great summer and you’ll definitely see us at your shows when you’re back in CT!”

Dina & Yuri
June 6, 2015

“We could not give a more positive review for Darik and the Funbags! They were amazing! From start to finish Darik and Vinny were easy to communicate with, helpful, understanding, friendly, and professional. And of course, they are extremely talented! They were so accommodating and great in handling all of our requests before the wedding. They personalized everything we asked for – they shortened our first dance song just like we wanted and played the father/daughter song acoustic because it was too fast on the actual version. Vinny was so conscientious about making sure he pronounced every person’s name correctly during the announcements – a small touch that went a long way to show how much they truly cared and wanted to make our wedding as perfect as possible. Darik was so positive and informative in our conversations leading up to the wedding and his excitement for our wedding made us so grateful. The rest of the band was great whenever we talked with them and they were willing to help us have the best entertainment at our wedding. The most amazing part was obviously the music. They played an astoundingly awesome setlist and again, continued to add personal touches (like playing Tom Petty because they knew we met at his concert!). From our 4 year ring bearer to our 90 year old grandmother, the dance floor was packed all night long and people were devastated when we finally had to end the night! Now, months after the wedding, everyone still can’t stop talking about how amazing the band was (Our family and friends have even gone to their shows now because they want to see more!). They can play any and everything – which pleased all 175 guests and us at our wedding – but took into account our requests (no cheesy group dances but a little bit of every genre). Although they may be known as a club band, they played a professional and entertaining wedding set, which shows how talented and dedicated the entire band really is. Our wedding would not have been so amazing without Darik and the Funbags. If you want a fun, upbeat, happy, memorable wedding, you have to pick Darik and the Funbags!”

Bri and LJ Spinnato
August 2014 Wedding


Just wanted to thank you again. You made our wedding so incredibly awesome…all of our guests are still raving about you guys and how great you are. Can’t thank you enough!! We’ll definitely be seeing you at your shows around CT and at Paddy’s.”

Carrie and Jesse Linthicum
June 2013


“Me and my ENTIRE staff love every time you’re at Blackstone. We always know were getting a quality show”

Blackstone – Feb 2015


 “I’m a big fan, originally from Rhode Island and see you guys just about every summer. Friends and I plan our trip around your show!..”
Meredith L 2015


“I’ve seen your band in action many times – always a great time. Now that we are engaged and have booked our wedding venue, we are looking for a band as great as you!..”
Jordan G 2015


“Hi, I saw both of your shows this weekend in Block Island and you guys were amazing! It may be a long shot but we are getting married in Ohio so I was just wondering if you traveled?..”

Cassie 2015


“Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this request. Me and my bride to be saw you all at captain nicks and then at Blu on the Water. We had an amazing time, and thought your band would really add a great atmosphere to our wedding…”

Dan W 2015


“Saw your band this May at Cheshire Fairgrounds. I still tell people about the show we saw that night. You guys are great entertainers! We would like to know if you would come back up to the Monadnock region of NH (Rindge) for a wedding party. We are OPEN to the dates because we already got married and now we have to invite all our crazy friends and relatives to party along with one of the greatest bands we have seen in years! Let me know. This is a serious inquiry. No BS
Jean & Mark Caputi, Rindge NH


“Any dates to play at Captain Nicks on Block Island yet this summer? We NEED to book our vacation around your schedule, otherwise, it’s just NOT the same!! Thanks!!!


“I saw you guys last night in Newport. Had so much fun. I love you guys and am so excited that you do weddings. I live in CT and am getting married…. I have been a fan since highschool and would love to have you at my wedding. You would make my day perfect…..”